Bird watching race
„Latvia’s State Forests Bird Rally 2014”

1. The Race organisers

1.1. Bird watching race „Latvia’s State Forest Bird Rally 2014” (futher – the Race) organisers are the State Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests”, funding „Latvia Birds Fund” and  website

2. The Race time and teritory

2.1. Race will be held on 13 September and 14 September, 2014 (Saturday and Sunday).

2.2. Teams should arrive to the Race on 13 September 2014, 10.00 AM at “Latvia’s State Forests” tourism and recreation centre „Spāre” – „Dumbri”, Gibulu  parish, Talsi municipality, Ventspils highway A10/E22.

Map here.

2.3. Start of the Race – „Starts” – on 13 September 2014, 11.00 AM

2.4. The Race will be held for 24 hours from 13 September 2014, 11.00 AM till 14 September 2014, 11.00 PM.

2.5. Teams should arrive at the Race finish place till 14 September 2014, 13.00 PM.

2.6.  The Race winners announcement place and the final event (on 14 September, 2014) place will be announced seperatly.

2.7. The evaluation of the Race results and winners determination will  take place on 14 September 2014 from 13.00 PM till 14.00 PM.

2.8. The announcement of the Race winners on 14 September, 2014, 14.00 PM.

3. Participants of the Race and entry of the Race

3.1. All participants must be 18 or over on the first day of the Race - 13 September, 2014.

3.2. The team must be submitted for the Race till 15 August 2014 17.00 PM (Latvian time).

3.3. The team which take  part at the Race must consist of 3 to 5 members.

3.4. Teams should submit application/entry to email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3.5. In the application teams must provide:
The title of a team;
Names and surnames of a team members;
Date of birth (date, month, year) of a team members ;
Emails and phone numbers of a team members.

3.6. The maximum number of teams at the Race – 10 teams.

3.7. The Race is open for up to 5 teams from Latvia and up to 5 teams from abroad.

3.8. It is allowed to submit mixed teams from different countries.

3.9. The Race is international, according to this there will be reservation for 5 teams from abroad during the registration process. Mixed teams are considered as foreign/international teams. If there would not be application from 5 foreign teams Latvia teams could be registered instead.

3.10. Teams are registered according to the application submission time, that means – if applications will be more than 10 than for the Race will registered teams which submit an apllication the first. Later applications will be registered as a reserve list teams.

3.11. If some of teams registered for the Race resign the participation, a team  from reserve list will be included instead.

3.12.  The Race organisers reserve the right to make changes to the allocation of Latvia and foreign teams according to the number of applications.

3.13.  The Race organisers and referees are not taking part in the Race.

3.14.  Information on teams (title of team, names of a team members and countries) which have been registered for the Race as well the list of  the reserve teams will be published on websites and in one weeks time after the deadline of application submission.

4. The Race referees

4.1. Results of the Race are evaluated by three referees: Kaspars Funts, Kārlis Millers and Valdis Roze.

4.2. The winner of the Race is determined by the Race referees.

4.3. The team which would recorded „The Most Interesting Observation” will be determined by the Race referees.

4.4. The Race referees are allowed to make a decision externally - by phone and email  with the Race organisers.

4.5. All dispute cases are settled by the Race referees .

4.6. The decision of the Race referees is ultimate..

5. The Race procedure

5.1. Each participant of the Race before the start will sign a document produced by the Race organisers in which they confirm to act with the personal safety law, to meet environment regulations as well Terms and conditions of the Race are meant for and binding upon each participant.

5.2. The area of the Race is Kurzeme and Zemgale (see attached map). The borderline of the Race  is Bauska highway A7/E67. Teams are not allowed to put/include on observed birds list bird species which are observed on the left side of Bauska highway (in the direction of Bauska from Riga).

5.3. Teams could use private transport, public transport as well as other vehicles.

5.4. Each team is allowed to use only one type vehicles/transport during the Race.

5.5. To record observed/heard birds species and subspecies on a list at least 3 members of a team should thoroughly state specie or subspecie visually or audial (futher – observed species and subspecies). As well at least 3 members of a team should observe and/or hear one and the same individual.

5.6. Teams record on a list both species and subspecies during the Race.

5.7. Teams record during the Race observed birds species and subspecies on the list of Latvia birds species and subspecies (in English) provided by the the Race organizers by ticking a box (with cross mark) appropriate to the observed species and subspecies English and scientific title/name.

5.8. Only alive, wildlife observed and/or heard and thoroughly stated birds could be recorded on a list during the Race.

5.9. Individuals stated as species and subspecies will be taken into account determining results of the Race. Exception could be species pair, for example, „Crossbill” (Loxia sp.) and/or ‘greater’ loon Gavia immer/adamsii. If one of the pair species has been stated for 100%, the stated specie will be taken into account. For example, if Gavia adamsii has been observed and after or before immer/adamsii, only Gavia adamsii will be counted.

5.10.  Any traps or any other equipment for bird trapping during the Race is prohibited.

5.11.  It is prohibited to record on observed/heard birds species and subspecies list birds which are trapped by third persons.

5.12.  Attracting birds with tape-recorders or any digital audio equipment during the Race is prohibited.

5.13.  Participants of the Race are allowed to imitate birds voices themselves (for example, whistling, using hands etc.). Any technical equipment is prohibited.

5.14.  In case of rare specie has been observed (the list of rarities will be provided) as an evidence pictures and/or video, and/or audio are recommendable. In such case the Race referees could ask for additional evidence and certain bird description.

5.15.  Each team will receive the list of species and subspecies stating those birds which in a case of observation will need detailed report and/or pictures taken. The detailed report with the list of observed and recorded bird species and subspecies (in a case of rarity) should be submitted to the Race organisers and referees  for determination. Each team will receive necessary record forms from the Race organisers before the Race start.

5.16.  If a bird species or subspecies not yet observed in Latvia would be recorded during the Race, the team should prepare detailed report and hand in pictures taken (if possible). The Race referees will make decision on including this species or subspecies to the list of the Race..

6. The Race results evalutation and winners determination

6.1. Teams hand in lists with bird species and subspecies observed and recorded  during the Race after the end of the Race to the Race organisers.

6.2. Each team should state one observation as „The Most Interesting Observation” from the recorded bird species and subspecies list during the Race.

6.3. The winner of the Race is a team which has recorded the most species.

6.4. If several teams have the same number of recorded birds species, the winner is determined the team which has more observed „unique” species, that is, species which other teams have not recorded. Subspecies should be recorded during the Race. Subspecies are not counted in a total amount as an unit.  But in a case of equal number of recorded species as well a „unique” species number, the number of subspecies will be taken into account.

6.5. If a team miss the end of the Race on 14 September 2014, 13.00 PM for half an hour (30 min) results of this team will be anulated and a team will be resigned from the Race.

6.6. The Race organisers have the right to award winners of the Race and the team which has „The Most Interesting Observation”. .

7. Other issues

7.1. The Race organisers  are not responsible for accidents during the Race or breach of Latvian Republic rules by participants of the Race.

7.2. The Race organisers  are not responsible for damages caused to the third persons health, property by he participants of the Race.

7.3. The Race organisers reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Participants will be notified of the changes and will be deemed to have accepted the amended terms and conditions by participating in the Race.

7.4. All other issues wich are not sated in those terms and conditions but which accure are solved by the Race organisers and the Race ferees.

7.5. Terms and conditons of the Race are prepared and available both in Latvian and English.

7.6. Terms and conditions has been approved by the State Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests”, funding „Latvia Birds Fund” and website on 29 January, 2014..